Efficient Healthcare Solutions

We make it easy for a physician to be a physician. CanyonMD’s solutions enable you to focus on providing superior healthcare while we take care of the rest! CanyonMD encompasses many innovative solutions which ensure that physicians are able to provide the best healthcare in the most cost efficient way while optimizing revenues and profitability. Our services and dedication set us apart to help physicians gain control of their practice and enjoy seeing patients again. These great results are derived from the combination of our advanced technology and our well trained support team who are committed to the success of a physician’s practice.

Reduce Bill Rejection Rate

Our average rejection rate is only 1% for all our clients for all specialties.

Reduce Practice Overhead

Operate a practice with more efficiency and meaningful patient encounters.

Optimize Practice Coding

Making sure your practice is coding correctly in a constant changing healthcare.

Cloud-Based Technology

Run your practice anywhere…anytime while being updated in real-time.

We’re committed to understanding and meeting the needs of today’s healthcare community while helping to create a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to be an integral part of a fully coordinated care system, one that is aimed at reducing costs and improving outcomes. CanyonMD is supported by the “four pillars” of the company: Integrity, Innovation, Insights, and Outcomes. It’s these four principles that guide our decision making and ultimately drive the products and solutions we deliver. In everything that we do, we instill integrity and innovation to provide insightful solutions that improve patient outcomes.


Billing Solution: CanyonMD Billing

Our high performance medical billing combines a single, integrated software solution for billing, collections and claims with the expansive array of medical revenue services and consulting. This solution is made even more successful due to the internal CanyonMD clearinghouse. We have specialized coding and billing teams for each type of practice specialty with an industry leading 1% rejection rate.

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High performance medical billing
Our medical bill rejection rate is 1%. The industry’s national average is at 34%
Our own integrated state of the art Clearinghouse
Decrease A/R days and claim rejections/denials
Operating a medical practice with lower overhead

Administration Solution: CanyonMD Administration

Administration responsibilities are rapidly becoming a source of more frustration among physicians and staff. Often an expensive and annoying distraction, they can cripple productivity and turnaround times for access to care. With scheduling, verification of benefits, pre-authorization, patient information and patient payments services from CanyonMD, you’ve got an experienced partner owning the process to help maximize efficiency & profitability. CanyonMD’s support with claim reimbursements with reliable and rapid response, reduce duplication and data errors, will free up your people to focus more on your patients and less on paperwork.

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Verification of benefits and eligibility


Utilization Management

Patient information, entry & payment

Patient scheduling, reminders & no-shows

Accounting Solution: CanyonMD Accounting

CanyonMD’s team of highly experienced experts takes care of all your accounting needs. CanyonMD Accounting will perform services to your practice such as bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and purchasing. Our finance and accounting services provide the solution to your in-house accounting headaches and offer peace of mind while reducing overhead. CanyonMD provides accounting services that are tailor-made for your practice and to your specifications. With our experienced team, you will be able to focus on patients while still obtaining accurate, timely and reliable financial support and information regarding your practice.

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Bookkeeping Services
Accounting Services
Payroll Processing Services
Purchasing Services
Cost reductions and increased profitability
Quality, accuracy, and timeliness

Practice Solution CanyonMD Practice

CanyonMD Practice looks at all aspects of a medical provider’s operation and will enhance and manage the details that will result in better efficiencies and higher profits. Our team experts are trained in different specialties to optimize coding to negotiate payer contracts. CanyonMD will provide an expansive array of ongoing practice consulting and staff training. Our accreditation and compliance team can help with current accreditations and re-accreditations. We are available to help edit or create new compliant policies and procedures that adhere to both Medicare deeming and accrediting body standards.

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Credentialing & Contracting

Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

Medical Coding

Accounts Receivable Collections

Scribe Solution: CanyonMD Scribe

CanyonMD Scribe takes medical transcription to the next level by providing real-time quality data entry into your EMR. Our service does not require you to change any part of your clinical practice or learn a new technology – our scribes leverage existing technology to listen to your appointment and capture data directly into your EMR system. Because you receive a dedicated CanyonMD scribe, you can be confident they are highly trained in all EMR systems and deliver high-quality data entry that matches your style and meets your approval.

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Prevents physician burnout with lifestyle change
Charting done in real-time. GO HOME ON TIME!
Improve quality of patient encounter with your undivided attention
Increase efficiency with patient encounter with more patients per hour
Improve insurance reimbursements with CanyonMD billing team
Surgeons at hospital can remotely scribe at conclusion of surgeries with their practice’s EMR/EHR

Specialty Solutions: Innovated solutions for healthcare practices.


VirtualMD is an e-visit or virtual encounter between the patient and provider using the Patient Portal and EHR. In place of a face-to-face encounter, an e-visit is conducted by online chat, teleconference, or phone.

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Medical practices in the United States are losing over $125 billion dollars every year due to underpaid and improperly denied insurance claims. Our  team will appeal and collect every dollar owed from insurers.

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Keep more of your hard-earned revenue with a revenue management cycle team who won’t stop working until your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.   Increase reimbursements by up to 50%.

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Our certified coder will review claims and patient’s charts to provide the most accurate coding possible. Improve your reimbursement rates up to 30% on average, stop the guesswork, and start increasing your revenue.

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uPay is our cloud-based payment system designed to calculate, process, and collect your patient payments.  Physicians typically collect only about 50% of outstanding patient balances, resulting in almost $60 billion in bad debt annually.

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Reclaim the profit that is rightfully yours.  We will collect on past due patient accounts and optimize insurance collections.  We use a time-tested, automated recovery process that gently engages with your indebted clients.

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We expertly negotiate on your behalf.  The process starts with an initial application, CAQH, credentialing and finally contracting. Our system will give you real time access to the most up to date status on every payor that has been contacted.

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With our Compliancy Manager you’ll have access to risk assessments, HIPAA Training, HIPAA verification, and live compliance coaching.  We give you all the tools and coaching you need to make sure your practice is 100% HIPAA compliant and remains compliant.

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